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Ski Boot Remover on TV

TV Interview with the Ski Boot Remover

After a Day of Skiing or Snowboarding you need this!

Watch and learn how to make the end of the day that much better!

Skiers & Snowboarders must watch! It is easy and smart.

Listen to Dr. Tim Cummins D.C. from Infinity Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado. Dr. Cummins is a Chiropractor to Olympic Athletes. Listen to him on the importance of the Ski Boot Sport Grip.

Mom of Four and Founder of Gegerson Snow Sports

She makes it look so easy because it is.

Dr. Zac Cummins on the Ski Boot Sport Grip.

Dr. Zac Cummins discusses  the additional stress that the head puts on the spine when removing your Ski Boots and a solution.

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Watch the specs.Then watch the next video and see how it works!

THE SKI BOOT SPORT GRIP - Invented by skiers, for skiers.

Watch this it is so Funny, but true!

It is So Easy! The Old Fashion way is out the door.

The Beast takes his boots off!

Watch the Beast remove his boots easily!

See it up close and Personal

 See how easy it is to take your boots off.

At the end of the day you need this!

It makes the end of a day of skiing that much better. Get your Boots off easy!

Watch this beauty remove her Ski Boots

Watch how easy it can be.

Up Close and Personal with the Ski Boot Sport Grip

See the Ski Boot Sport Grip up close!

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